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At SuperSaaS, we love how technology enables people. We build tools that make it possible for anyone, anywhere, to create a workflow that perfectly matches their goals, preferences and situation.

Software that lets you shape the way you work

The beauty of internet-based software is that it takes away the hassle to help you to get on with what matters most. That’s great, but you also want to be sure that it conforms to your needs instead of the other way around. Instead of adjusting your goals to the available options, you should be able to tweak every part of it to suit your particular needs. We aim to offer you exactly that: software that lets you shape the way you work.

Highly customizable and very affordable scheduling software

Allen Key

We’re all about making your online booking process easy and affordable. If you’re in charge of a booking process that you’re looking to make more efficient, less time-consuming and more user-friendly, you’re in the right place. Appointment scheduling processes vary as widely as the organizations they are a part of and the people they serve. We are dedicated to offering you a wide range of options, so that you can set up the booking process to fit your requirements, while keeping the system quick and easy to use.

We like to compare ourselves to IKEA: Well-designed products that fit the needs of many and can be sold at a low price, because you do the assembling yourself. Which, in turn, leads to a better experience for you and your customers.

We aim to offer products that are very flexible so you can adapt them to your way of working. We offer the features most people need, and we deliberately do not offer specialized features that few people need in order to reduce complexity and cost. But we provide ample ways to connect to other services or your own software if you do need something special. This commoditization reduces implementation cost and allows us to achieve scale, which in turn makes it possible for us to offer a great price. We call it the Supermarket model for Software as a Service, or SuperSaaS for short.

Our software passes stringent quality tests and runs straight from any regular internet browser. The free trial is fully functional so you only need to pay when you’re confident that it works the way you want it to. And you can always download all information from your account in a variety of formats, so you’re not locked in. All of which results in a better experience for you and your business.

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