SuperSaaS booking software features and benefits

Automate, sync and integrate everything you need even for complex scheduling scenarios. Customize your user process and layout according to your business model.

Discover all the options by trying out a demo, watching our introduction video or taking a tour of our appointment scheduling system.

Create an appointment schedule

Customize layout and user process

Customizable booking calendar
  • Set up the layout of your appointment schedule to match the style of your own website for consistent branding
  • Remove references to SuperSaaS, so your customers will not be confused by a different site
  • Show your schedule by day, week, month or in list format according to the of bookings you need
  • Capture additional information by adding your own custom booking fields, drop-down lists and forms to the registration process
  • Specify how far in advance customers can book or cancel an appointment as well as how often they can book
  • Allow users to make repeated reservations or require them to sign up for a series of classes at once
  • Choose from 34 languages, 26 currencies and all the world’s time zones
SuperSaaS also offers advanced features for web developers.
  • Add your own HTML to the schedule
  • If you configure the system for multiple customers, you can access their accounts from your own reseller account
  • SuperSaaS provides APIs to facilitate back-end integration and provide custom functionality

Fill your calendar, no more no-shows

Email and SMS notifications ensure no one forgets a booking

  • Customize and send email confirmations, SMS reminders or follow-up emails
  • Use waiting lists with automatic or manual placement and notifications to maximize utilization
  • Send verification links to ensure users have valid email addresses
  • Receive a daily schedule activity report by email to understand booking trends
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Appointment schedule waiting list

Select online payment options

Set pricing rules, promotions and discounts to support your pricing

  • Integrate direct payment via PayPal or Stripe, or handle payment yourself
  • Advanced pricing rules allow you to give time dependent discounts or let the price depend on the selected options
  • Use the online shop feature to sell credit that can be used for sets of bookings or service packages
  • Electronic coupons can be used for ongoing or one-off discounts, for example when running a Groupon deal
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Pricing rules

Integrate with your own website or Facebook page

Your schedule can be as accessible as you need it to be

  • Integrate SuperSaaS into your website or Facebook page with an iframe or link to the reservation calendar with a “book now” button
  • Use your own domain name in the schedule address and to send confirmation emails
  • If you don’t have a website you can also send a reference to the schedule by email, or put it on Twitter or Facebook
  • We provide a free module for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal that can automatically log in your users
  • Broken or mistyped web addresses are gracefully redirected to your schedule
  • Use your schedule as a standalone page if you don’t want to integrate with your website
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Integrate into any site
+ your business

Display your bookings on external calendars

Or let your availability depend on another calendar

  • Link your Google Calendar so that appointments there show up as unavailable on your SuperSaaS schedule
  • Display your appointments in an external calendar program such as Microsoft Outlook, or the calendar on your iPhone
  • Availability on one schedule can be linked to depend on another one for very complex setups
  • Add iCal attachments to booking confirmations, so they can be added to a calendar on your computer with a single click
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Synchronize appointment schedules

Keep an eye on user activity

Users can be assigned additional rights to manage a schedule

  • Assign additional management abilities to superusers, so that you don’t have to do all the admin
  • Specify who can create, update or delete reservations and when they can do so
  • Fine-grained control over who can access the schedule and who can see which details on the schedule
  • View customer history and upcoming activity
  • Act on behalf of users and block or unblock users
  • Add supervisor fields that can only be viewed and edited by authorized users
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User management

Generate insightful reports

All information can always be exported

  • User data can be imported and exported in various formats to/from the online appointment system
  • The reporting section provides you with insights on booking activity
  • The booking information can be exported to programs such as Excel, allowing you to create your own custom reports
  • Your booking overview is also available in printable formats for offline use
  • Selection menus can contain product codes for easy back office processing
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Your data is safe with us

We take security and resilience seriously

  • Access to your online appointment schedule can be controlled by IP address, email address, a shared password and more
  • Optionally configure additional security measures for public terminals
  • The connection can be encrypted with https (SSL / TLS)

Our servers are located in a state-of-the-art datacenter with 24/7 monitoring, redundant power supplies and internet links. There are also automatic backups at regular intervals to two different locations. In addition, we are in full compliance with the EU GDPR regulations.

Security shields

Many more features

This is just a small selection of the available features that you can configure for your online appointment schedule. If you haven’t seen what you are looking for, browse the documentation or simply sign up for a free account and try our free online reservation system. Still don’t see it? Please submit a feature request.